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Town Buchlovice

Welcome to Buchlovice, a town lying on Jantar path, which connected Balt sea and Mediteranian sea, so it helped to create Europian history and future.

Along this path there is situated a lot of historical monuments and natural features.

Buchlovice is one of famous points for meeting with these monuments.

Chateau Buchlovice

There is situated a baroque chateau built in Italian villa in the fall of 17th century straight in Buchlovice

The chateau is surrounded by French style garden and English park.

Todays there is located fuchsia exhibition, one of the largest in whole Europe

There is also a wine gallery in chateau basement that offers top-quality kinds of wine, which won many awards at world exhibitions (France, Hungary, JAR)

Chateau area is a centre of many cultural events like concerts of classical as well as pop music, exhibitions, folklore festivals

Castle Buchlov

A gothic castle Buchlov dwarfs above the town and creates the typical panorama of this region with opposite St. Barbora chaple. This royal castle has never been captured, so that you can see really rich castle interiors and exteriors.



Basilica Velehrad

7 kilometres far away is found a baroque basilica Velehrad with its underground crypts. Velehrad is considered as a centre European Christianity, especially for middle and east Europe, because there was a main Great Moravia settlement of St.Cyril and Methodej, they were authors of Cyrillic type which grounded Russian type.



Open-air museum Modrá

Close to Velehrad’s friary is situated a reconstruction of Great Moravian fort, which is called Open-air Museum Modrá. There you can see buildings and workshops proofing a maturity of this culture as well as demonstrations medieval handcrafts and customs.

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